This is the technical documentation for Tangram's scene block. For a conceptual overview of the scene file, see the Scene File overview page.


The scene element is an optional top-level element in a Tangram scene file. It declares the beginning of a sources block. It allows various scene-wide options to be set:

  • background
  • animated


Optional block that can be used to set the map's background color, using a color property.


Optional color. Default is [0., 0., 0.].

Specifies the color that will be drawn where no features are drawn. Alpha is not respected.

        color: white

See also: color.


Optional boolean, true or false. Default is false.

When true, this option forces per-frame updates.

Animated shaders will trigger redraws by default, but certain other kinds of animation – such as that made through the JavaScript API – may not. Setting this parameter may help in those cases.

    animated: true